Kawaii Handbook

The Kawaii Handbook is a guide most popular subculture. This book will help you understand the basics of kawaii, learn about the history and the fashion, and teach you how to be kawaii. Free worldwide shipping on all orders!

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  • Sale! Kawaii Milk Sticky Note Notepad kawaiiQuick View

    Kawaii Milk Sticky Note

    $12.99 Kawaii Handbook
  • Sale! Cute Animal Notebooks Animal kawaiiQuick View

    Cute Animal Notebooks

    $24.59 Kawaii Handbook
  • Sale! Kawaii Planner Notebook A6 kawaiiQuick View

    Kawaii Planner Notebook

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    Kawaii Handbook
  • Kawaii Cartoon Bear Notebook

    $19.99 Kawaii Handbook
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